Preparation has a learning curve


Starting my journey.

Getting this blog up (yes) and running (working on it) is challenging – to say the least.

Getting myself on Facebook yesterday resulted in emotional meltdown after 2 1/2 hours of struggle.  Fortunatley, tutors came forward and they will work with me today and ff.  At least I got one picture up – on Facebook.  Pictures here will come – eventually.  I’m just riding the learning curve.

I sold my house (closed a month ago)  without an agent and that was a snap compared with this.  Bear with me.  I want to share my adventures with my friends and family.

CURRENTLY:  Still living & working in Spokane.  Staying with a friend until departure.  Departing Spokane and heading to a week in Marin  August 8 – 15.    Then 2 nights of Kansas in August (I will check out my clothes to see if they’re comfortable for  Africa in summertime) before arriving in NYC August 17.

Departure to Istanbul on  September 6, with a 1 day layover in Munich to stretch my legs and get some sleep.

This is my “maiden” posting.  Wish me luck.


MMM (aka retirednomad or RN)


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