Domestic Nomad – where I’ve been

This has been my pre-launch month.  Luxuriating in retirement time-freedom, and visiting loved ones to say “au revoir.” 

Here’s a simple listing of where I’ve visited folks: 

in CA:  Fairfax, San Rafael, Novato, Lafayette, Berkeley.

Kansas City, Kansas

Brooklyn, NY; Roscoe, NY; Putnam Lakes, NY;

Hartford, CT; Plymouth, MA

Leaving today for WA, DC, and next week to Torrington, CT.

My point?  Saying good-bye has plusses and minuses.  Plusses:

If you want to feel loved and appreciated and to feel your heart joining with that of others, do this good-bye thing. 

If you want to be reminded of what you’ll be missing, do this good-bye thing.

If you want to share in a multitude of US lifestyles, and be reminded that you can NOT generalize from one, two, or three households about how people live in a particular country, do this good-bye thing.

 The minuses:  It’s tiring!!!  I really need some down time.

It’s fattening!  Being fed and feted, and eating favorite foods “one last time” – chocolate lava cake, anyone?  Or pizza?  How about some PB&J? 

The California locations relate to my one week stay in Marin, where I formerly lived for 19 years.  I visited with Golda (who will be in Turkey with me for 3 weeks), Linda & Brad in Lafayette, Esta in Berkeley, and Sharon & I met at the amazing Marin Civic Center in San Rafael (see picture above).  Hiked with Sandy in Novato (see photo above).

I went bike riding, re-visiting beloved old Marin vicinity routes (see Tiburon photo above).  Also went bike riding with Esta – the 3  Bears, for those in the know.  Saw goats in Tilden Park who serve  the lawn mower-weed whacker function – how’s that for green?

I’m now on East Coast, Brooklyn Heights to be precise.  More about this is my next post.


4 thoughts on “Domestic Nomad – where I’ve been

  1. Miss you Ms. Mary! So happy to see all is going well……….I can only live through you for the next 11 years wishing I were retired. Enjoy, and please stay safe!

  2. You’ve created something fantastic–
    a wonderful life…
    loads of good/great friends…
    a lifetime of fantastic memories…with more to come.
    OMG, can’t wait to hear about your trekking across everywhere.
    AND let’s not forget your great family–we love you.

  3. Meri, I’m speechless-can you imagine me speechless? The photos, commentary, everything is just like being there with you. Oh I wish!!! Keep enjoying. Keep sending. We miss you!

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