From Fetthiye, Turkey, awaiting Blue Cruise

Spent 2 days in Selchuk, next to Ephesus.   I especially liked Selchuk.  It’s a relatively small town and close to a fabulous long clean beach almost empty. The Aegian was perfect swimming temperature.  There’s a “resort” by the beach and they let you use their benches and shade and bathrooms (clean and western).  I think the beach is called Pemachuk.  Got there via dolmus.

One of best things about Selchuk was Allison, the proprietess of the Kiwi Guesthouse we stayed in.  She’s English, has lived in Turkey over 20 years, and she was even able to translate the directions for my hair coloring kit for me (suggesting tactfully that I get it done professionally since hairdressers are so inexpensive in Turkey).

She guided us to the Vigo Boat Company our Blue Cruise.  Golda’s research had shown this is the company that Intrepid Travel uses.  Allison was able to get us a “deal” of an extra night’s lodging free.  What that translates into is that we will spend tonight on the boat, and it takes off around 11 a.m.tomorrow.    The Blue Cruise is  standard tourist fare:  4 days/3 nights on the Mediterranean, putting in for swimming, snorkeling, exploring.  They feed you and I expect I will be relaxed and well taken care of.

We get on in Fetthiye and disembark near Olympus where we will stay in a tree house (already booked with a woman Allison recommended.  She said she likes booking with women proprietors because you are more likely to get the clean thing).  This place is recommended in Lonely Planet.

I’ll be off internet for next 4 days, so photos will hopefully follow full of azure waters.

I cannot recommend Turkey highly enough as a tourist destination.  It gives the impression of a propserous country that values tourism and makes it as easy as possible.  It can be inexpensive.  E.G.  at Allison’s Kiwi Guest House we had an ensuite (i.e. private bathroom) double room, with balcony, air con (we didn’t need), fab breakfast and even a kitchen to use, all for about $24/day per person.

By the way, given that we had that kitchen, we went to a Tuesday Market in a town called Tire and stocked up on veggies which we cooked last night.  I still love my own cooking the best.

Take care all dear friends.  Hopefully great photos to follow in a few days.

Meri aka RetiredNomad


4 thoughts on “From Fetthiye, Turkey, awaiting Blue Cruise

  1. Meri! Love the blog! Beautiful pictures and wonderful information! We are both jealous and are getting ready to book our reservations for Turkey!!!!!!!!!! Would you like to staff some cases? No? Fine, then. Take care of yourself and continue to ENJOY! Love, Susan and Bob

  2. I finally sat down and am reading your blogs. Glad Turkey is such a pleasant experience. Enjoy your retirement is joyful, it sure sounds like it.

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