Where I’ve been

Map of Middle East

With the help of my very clever friend Sandy, I am posting this map so you will be able to grasp my meanderings.  It’s also helpful, I think, to see how Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia kind of take up a lot of space that I was unable to enter.

                                                                 Where I’ve been: 

1. Istanbul, Turkey (2 days)  (arrived 8 September, 2010)

2.  Bulgaria by bus (6 days)

3.  Istanbul, Turkey  again for 2 days then

4.   Turkey  tour with Gina aka Golda (3 weeks)

5.  Eastern Turkey

                   flight to Malatya (3 days, including Mt. Nemrud),  then buses to                          Diyarbakir (italics indicate the city is on the map) & Haufenkapf

6. entered  NE Syria by bus, then bus to Damascus (5 days)  then Palmyra                      (2 days) then  into mountains

7.  Bus to Lebanon – first Tripoli, then 2 night’s respite at Cathy’s in the                        mountains, then Beirut 5 days

8.  Taxi back to Syria Latakia  (2 days), then  bus to Aleppo (3 days)

9.  back to Turkey by taxi, hitch hiking, &  buses – 

             Sanliurfa (1night) then Adana (where I had my 1 night’s Servas stay) 

10. Flight toIstanbul (2 days)  from Adana

Here’s where the hellish airport & bus hopping began

all inspired by being unable to go through that tiny little part of Saudi that lies between Qatar & the UAE (Dubai is part of UAE)

11.  Flight to Doha (Qatar)

12.  Flight to Dubai

13.  bus to Muscat, Oman – 5 days there

14.  Bus back to Dubai (24 hours there)

15.  Flight to Doha, Qatar

From where I left the continent on November 17th, 2010


2 thoughts on “Where I’ve been

  1. Ok – so now I”m anxious to hear some details!
    I’m taking a grou pof 13 Lake Louise on Wednesday! My Mom included.
    Had first cold (weather change) Monday Nov. 15 , first snow on Friday, Nov. 19. Lookout (front side only)was good on Friday, so I hear, 49 (limited runs)was not good on Saturday so Michael says. We’re getting snow daily. Blizzard tonight, 4-5 inches they say with 1-4 degree range with wind chill of -17 to -4. That should cool you off.
    Take care

  2. Meri ~

    How wonderful. I’ve now read ALL your posts. I’m in awe, my dear. You are doing it up, aren’t you? All your long term plans bearing fruit.

    I’m so glad to know what you’re up to and to be able to follow you. Be sure I will.

    Much love,

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