South Africa Is Very Big

This country, like so many, has turned out to be a huge surprise.  I was expecting jungles and sweltering humidity (it’s middle of summer now).  NOT.  I’ll show some different views:

 Johannesburg aka Joburg   

City with major danger reputation.  Looks like Seattle, but with consistent  sunshine & cooling breezes.    As a temporary resident, at first I felt like I was in prison.  The security systems would make Airway Heights (my old prison) envious.

 When I returned yesterday after being gone 2 weeks, I had the opportunity to notice how exceptionally nice people are, e.g. going out of their way to find me a nearby doctor or imported face cream.  As long as I followed the guidelines, I was safe.  i.e.  walk only in specific neighborhoods, and never after dark.

(Sorry folks – technical difficulties.  That last photo of ocean is definitely NOT this inland city, it’s part of Cape Town.  More to follow when I figure things out).






One thought on “South Africa Is Very Big

  1. Hi Meri,
    Love your blog and spirit. I’m semi retired and doing about 6 months a year backpacking. Got a question you may be able to help me with. I’m off to Southern Africa, doing Johannesburg to Capetown overland between Dec 2 and 24. Wondered how busy it gets as this is summer vacation. Also how did you transport. Bazbus seems so touristy, but efficient, so probably will use between Port Elizabeth and Capetown, but would like to go local otherwise. Any tips welcome.
    Happy Trails.

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