Photos from Krueger +

Have had no wifi from Dec 8 until tonight, Dec 23.  Partially having my wifi accidentally disabled, and partially not having the access.  Hence, many photos to catch up on.  I’ve inserted them as a “gallery”, therefore not able to fit them into the narrative, but in a nutshell, here’s what it’s about:

Beverly flew into JBurg Dec. 13, and on Dec 14 we rented a car and drove into Krueger.  We were LATE and didn’t realize how serious that was.  Fortunately, we got to A camp (not the one where we had a reservation) by pumpkin – time (6:30 p.m. when camp gates lock.  Huge fine if you’re on the road after that). 

Next day we drove to our reseved camp at Lower Sabie – totally the best site of my life, in Safari Tent with deck overlooking river filled with crocs,  hippo’s & bird life.  All night long we’d hear the hippo’s.

Lots of driving and lots of sightings.  However, in Krueger you can’t get out of your car because you could get mawled by any one of many animals who might easily misinterpret your intentions.  However, I’m sure that turtle and that snail wouldn’t mind.

3 niights and 1 night drive  and 1 early morning ranger walk (with 2 be-rifled accompaniers, of which the handsome Bridgeman was one). Day 5, because no available site at Lower Sabie, we had to move to another camp for one night.  We took sunset drive that night, at Pieterskop camp.

Next headed off on Baz Bus to Swaziland.  Stayed at Sanzila’s Lodge inside a nature reserve.   Idyllic setting, where I took my rainy hike – at last felt like I was in “Africa.”  We met Amy next day (niece of my good friend Chuck in Spokane) who had lived in Swazi 2 years during Peace Corps.  She took us to visit her Swazi family.  It did NOT look primitive, contrary to my expectations.

On 21 Dec we took bus from Swazi to St. Lucia, where the Estuary is a world heritage site.  Arrival night, boat tour of estuary (nice birds, lots of hippo’s, very tame – families on the boat were more interesting than the animals).

Fab Heritage Tour of the full park next day in a real deal Land Rover with handsome Zulu guide Sakhile.  Learned tons, saw tons, and even snorkeled in the Indian Ocean.

Now in Durbin – a quick glimpse makes me want to come back – and tomorrow off to mountains of So. Drakensburg, near Lesotho border.

I sure hope my photo gallery uploads.  If it doesn’t, I’ll work on it tomorrow – it’s very late now.

Good night all my dear friends.  I’m so glad I can share with you again.


One thought on “Photos from Krueger +

  1. Great photos! I’m surprised that Sakile would touch the chameleon – the Zimbabwe locals were terrified of them as they believed that the spirits of departed humans lodged in them….

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