High Tea at Victoria Falls Hotel – a review

Location:  Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Circumstances:  Lonely Planet recommended it.  I had already enjoyed many a “high tea” while visiting with June & Gary in Mutare, Zim.  I have never done this in the fancier expensive British hotels e.g. in Vancouver, B.C. or Lake Louise.  Decided it was time to give it a try. 

Ambience:  spectacular inside and out. 

Service:  fit for a queen

Value:  well, if anyone had told me that the $25 price tag covered 2 or 3 people, I would have brought in another person.   Especially after I was told No Doggie Bags.  Any of those annoying street vendors would have been thrilled to join me.  They often complain that they’re hungry, or else they want to barter for my Nike’s in exchange for a carved elephant key chain.  I’m sure an invite to this hotel would have blown their socks off.

–          Would have been good value for 2, and great value for 3.  For 1:  very poor – especially with no doggie bags allowed.

Negative Details

–          Used a teabag

–          Sugar was in packets, not a sugar bowl

Food quality:  Average at best

–          Scones not light and did not taste just-out-of-the-oven fresh

–          Most cakes dry

–           Bread ordinary

–          Cream (for scones) yummy – definitely better than the spray can      

–   Only one of the little mini-sandwiches tasted special 

Would I recommend:  yes, for 2 or more people – that’s how special is the setting 

How I solved the No-Doggie-Bag problem:  Ascertained the waitress (named Nurse) was “allowed” to eat the leftovers, so I gave them to her.


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