The Nomad Has Landed – Twice

My neighborhood

It’s been all U.S. domestic since my last posting which was – egads – 9 months ago!  Being gone 10 months bought me some culture shock cred, and I was sorta spacey, but now I’ve landed.

Going with my life theme of doing things inexpensively, I have rented rooms in a friends home in Spokane.   One of those win-win bargains – she gets income and I get a great place to live (without having to take my stuff out of storage) for $425/month.   For foreign readers, let me simply say that in the USA, that’s a bargain.

Here’s a photo of my new temporary bargain home:

Here and above are some photos of the gorgeus Spokane autumn that greeted me upon my return:

Manito Park, Spokane


In addition, I’ve explored some of the USA I’d never before visited – Jackson, Wyoming and Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.   I paid a visit to Bozeman (did NOT like) and Helena, Montana along the way.   Here are some Yellowstone photos:

Grand Prismatic SpringGrand Canyon of the Yellowstone





I finally participated in Couchsurfing, and it was a spectacular success.  Did it in Bend, Oregon, Teton Village, Wyoming, and Helena, Montana.  Unbelievable how lovely were the places I stayed and the people I met.

Just got back from 10 days in NYC (got a great roundtrip flight from Spokane for only $250 – good old  This is why I say I landed twice.  Note:  one of the few good things about getting older is as I grow shorter, I have more legroom on planes.

Now back in my beloved Spokane, waiting for snow.  I have VERY BIG PLANS for ski season.

In the U.S.  tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so happy Turkey-Day to all you observers.   Last year I was in Capetown, South Africa and bought a piece of roast chicken at a SPAR.

More to come