Welcome to My Nomadic World

428380_4071316102164_1251339569_nThis is my blog, where I record my experiences and travels. As a Mother’s Day gift, my daughter interviewed me about my journey for the New York Times Retirement section. The piece focuses more about the “Retired” than the “Nomad” part of my moniker. (Here’s a link in case you’re curious.)

For anyone joining me here for the first time via my daughter’s beautiful gift, I welcome you and your comments or questions. I feel that I luxuriate in the freedom available to so many of us. I feel that many retired folks, or those anticipating retirement, don’t realize how much freedom we have. So, welcome to my world where having one foot inside, and one foot outside the box, has made for what feels like my own perfect balance.


17 thoughts on “Welcome to My Nomadic World

  1. Yes I came upon your wonderful blog through your daughter’s column. Both so inspiring.

    But I’m writing because I believe we were friends at Univ Conn in graduate school? Each picture of you I saw convinced me further. Am I right??

    So happy to see your delightful adventures.


    • OMG – I sure hope I knew you. I knew a number of Judith’s, but don’t recognize your last name. I was in the Clinical Psych program from 1966-1971 (gosh, am I old! But I WAS very young when I graduated).

  2. I am now 60 and just waking up to who I am and what I might want to do. The article really, really gave me hope and encouragement. I would love to travel the world more than anything. I feel like I’m drowning in stuff and time for it to all go!

    • I can really relate to the concept of “drowning in stuff.” Sounds like you may be one of those relatively rare folks who can discern the difference between what is necessary and what is an encumbrance. This is a useful skill in travel planning. Being able to let go of stuff emotionally is, I think, the hardest for people. I’ve been lucky to not have a problem with that.

  3. Hello, I just read your daughter’s article in the NY Times and LOVED it! I share your sense of adventure and wanting to see the entire world before I leave the planet. I travel alone 99% of the time and prefer it. And yes, everyone is always amazed that I am by myself. Funnily enough, I always make friends when I am traveling alone. I turn 64 on May 19th and work full-time in a law office. I can’t get SS until I am 66, but may have to work a couple more years after that. I rent, drive an old car, and won’t buy a computer until I retire. Anyway, thank you for the inspiration. I, too, will stick to my dreams and travel the world when I retire. This year I am going to Bangkok and Bermuda – what a combination! All the best! Margaret Breuer in Atlanta, GA

    • Margaret – thank you for your comment, and letting me know you live in Atlanta. I’ll be arriving in Bangkok November 29 of this year. Any chance our paths could cross?

      • Yes, I may be in Bangkok at the end of November. How fun to meet you there! I won’t know fthe exact dates until a bit later this summer. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and let you know the dates once I get them confirmed.

  4. I just finished your daughter’s great interview with you in the Times today. I had to rush immediately to your blog. You are my new role model for doing this next stage of life in a very cool way…Hats off to an inspiring journey. You are giving me great info and ideas! I am just a few years away from what may be a similar journey…hope our paths cross!

    • Thank you. I’d love to know where you live (city/town name). As you can probably guess, I am fascinated by locations. I’m hoping to write a few blog posts on “how to prepare.” It won’t just be about the money part. It’s amazing how much pleasure I eeked out of the preparation.

  5. I read your interview in the Times today and had to check out your blog. I find your journey very inspiring. I have often thought about traveling the world when I retire but was not sure that it would be doable for an extended period of time. Reading your blog has given me so many ideas…. Thank you!

  6. I’m only 50 years old with kids still at home but every day I’m dreaming about doing those amazing trips like you do , I only get to travel 1-2 times a year for only 2 weeks with my family but would love to do those long long extended trips , u are truly an inspiration . And I do like to travel on a small budget because that’s when u meet the real people ,,,, I’m your follower !!!!!

    • Thank you for your comments. Don’t know the ages & needs of your kids. I recall my wise decision that when kids are small, the ONLY vacation is a beach or at least a water vacation where you stay in one place. As you can tell from the article, I got more expansive as my one child got older. It’s much easier with just one, I think. I sometimes meet families traveling with children, and it never looks easy. But that’s me. I’m a person who was too chicken to have have more than one child.

  7. Loved Heather’s article it was inspiring. Glad to hear you are still at it traveling and working. Debbie Brown, Spokane

  8. You are my hero! My husband and I are in our 40’s and we spend every spare penny we have on travel. It’s absolutely addicting and it’s all we want to do. You are truly an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your adventures. I hope to follow in your footsteps.

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