I am Helium (complete with squeaky voice)

Mt Rushmore - in my current 'hood

Mt Rushmore – in my current ‘hood

There’s a flood inside, no, I think  it’s helium, because I’m floating

I hadn’t put out a blog since returning from South America, and then in anticipation of the NY Times interview,  added the posting about where I am,  aka “South Dakota”  This opened a gateway for greetings and re-connections with about 40 friends, every one dear to me.  My heart was full.

Two days later, the New York Times  interview was published.  Not only did I hear, again, from  the same loving family and friends, but from even more folks.  There was Seneca whom I’d last seen when she so generously put me up in her (much needed) air conditioned apartment in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.  There was Sanne, writing from India, whose home is in The Netherlands, whom I’d last seen while visiting her in Malawi where she was trying, with much frustration, to implement a free breakfast program at a church supported elementary school.

And there were people writing to me whom I’d never met, saying lovely things to me, which you can see in the comments.  And people now “following” me.  ME!  I’m so sorry you’ll be disappointed for a while, for the only place to follow me in the next few months is around South Dakota, with a brief weekend in NYC,  then some more domestic travel.  Well, it could turn out fascinating, or maybe at least interesting.

I’ll also share some of my internal journey, and the route I take as I plan my next international departure.  The “definite” in my international  plans as of now is that I’m meeting a friend in Bangkok on November 30. She’s booked her flight, so you can bet I’ll be there.   After we tour around Thailand & Cambodia, she departs from  Phnom Pen  on December 29.  I will stay on.  And on and on and on (insert giant smile). Destinations yet to be determined.

I wanted to answer everyone’s specific questions IMMEDIATELY.  But guess what, this Retired Nomad is temporarily working.  Would you believe:  I had to go to work!  Wow, does that ever  interfere with writing.  So, I’m planning to write back about specific questions and requests this weekend.

BTW – my work here in South Dakota is doing psychotherapy with homeless veterans.   South Dakota is  another foreign country for me, and the work feels like a privilege when it’s going well, which is not always.  As in all the work I’ve ever done, the bag is always mixed.  Fortunately, this work-bag  is more positive than negative.  But … I can’t wait till I’m done.  84 more days.

Thank you all for sharing my journey.


(Almost again) Retired Nomad


4 thoughts on “I am Helium (complete with squeaky voice)

  1. Dear RN, Loved the article as well, I have referred to it a hand full of time thus far. Could you remind me of the backpackers hostel that seemed so cool in Cape town and perhaps any others you might recommend? Thank you so much Mike

    • Thank you very much for your kind words. In Capetown, it’s Atlantic Point Backpackers. I’ll look up some other favorites for you. I’m still 10 days from resuming retirement, so will have to wait until after work to do the research. Maybe others would like names of favorite hostels. It’s an idea worth a post.

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