My Weight Watcher Weigh-In

Traveling for many women (yes, I’m being sexist here) can mean gaining weight.  More accurately, traveling for this woman can mean gaining weight.  One advantage of remaining at home is my weekly Weight Watcher meetings and weigh-in’s. 

Brief background:  I’ve been attending WW meetings every week for 39 years, except when I’m out of town.  Even sometimes when I’m out of town, if there’s a meeting around (like in NYC).  I lost 20 lbs. in London 39 years ago on that aforementioned trip (in blog posting Thank You V.A.) after someone in one of those free group therapies I also mentioned, accurately called me a “fat cow.”  

Finding an accurate scale while traveling requires persistence and ingenuity.  In Ecuador I went into a hospital, and in Colombia into a doctor’s office – I was speaking the language.  Now, I do NOT speak Croatian, but the Tourist Office here in Split turned me on to this public scale inside the old walled city. Cost:  2 kuna (about 40cents). 

Here’s my current WW weigher: 




He doesn’t really seem to be taking to his new role as WW Leader:



Here I am in my actual, bona fide weigh-in clothes.  I’ve been wearing this exact same outfit every weigh-in since 2010, and fortunately they also happen to be travel clothes I’ve worn since 2010 (not a coincidence – travel clothes are light weight).



                           (In case you’re curious, it was a successful weight-in and I celebrated with chocolate ice cream) 

To prove I’m in Split, here’s a piece of the wall of Diocletian’s Palace (built 305 AD) I walked past on my way to the weigh-in.  I feel right at home here, because he built this as a retirement home.




Yup, many facets to travel.



Retired Nomad




4 thoughts on “My Weight Watcher Weigh-In

  1. Great reading your latest post….also, you are an inspiration to keeping on task with weight and still enjoying travel!

  2. curious title, but I loved (and had to laugh) reading your blog this time!! Keep up the fun travels and wonderful blogs and keep the weight down as you wish!! You are an inspiration!!

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