Loving Laos

I’m here because Laos is here.  I heard a lot about our “secret” bombings during the Vietnam War, and all my protests and those of others could not stop it.  So now, I want to see it, and apologize.

The Unexploded Ordinances (UXO’s) are here aplenty, still doing great damage.Image

In the present, Laos is a country with relatively few inhabitants, lots of lush “green space,”  and people who on average have very sweet demeanors (yes, there are exceptions).  Image

It also has lots of rivers, the Mekong being the biggest.  Much transportation is along the river, and I’ve never been bored, even on a two day trip down the Mekong.Image

Laos has one pretty city, Luang Prebang, and I will avoid the other ugly cities by flying.  So, now I’m in the ultra scenic northern mountains:Image


Tomorrow I fly to Pakse in the South, to an area called “The 4000 Islands.”  

I’m having a huge amount of fun with my fellow travelers, too.  Finally, besides what I call “the youngsters” whom I truly dearly love and enjoy, I am also meeting people in my age bracket – real inveterate travelers.Image

For those “following” me, thanks for your patience.  


Retired Nomad


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