Departure from Asia

Dear Blog Followers,


As I was recently reminded by a stalwart blog follower, I have not posted since last March 27 when I was in Nepal. That’s more than 5 months! What’s happened since:


  • I have been just fine! Well, except for the same old same old pinched nerve which resulted in my indulging in painkillers while trekking in Nepal. However, treatments have occurred (successful at first, then unsuccessful) and more and different are scheduled. Hopefully an end is in sight.
    • Consequently I am in awe of folks living life with chronic pain.
    • Consequently I pay attention to news of addiction to pain meds.
    • Consequently I understand addiction to pain meds (no, I’m avoiding it, but it’s tempting)


As I am wont to do, I returned to the U.S. via Europe – a week in Barcelona was perfect for first-world re-entry.

In Barcelona, they are ready to make Gaudi a saint – here’s his always work-in-progress, La Sagrada Familia:

A work always in process

A work always in progress

This statue on La Familia shows he was not a traditionalist:

La Sagrada Familia


It’s not only Gaudi they revere in Barcelona, Miro is also in evidence:


More Miro

More Miro









My very favorite building, Palau de la Música Catalana, was not even designed by Gaudi, but by Lluís Domènech i Montaner around 1908.  Here’s a chandelier, and a rehearsal I got to witness:

BCN-Palau Musica Catalan



Then, after my week in Barcelona, I entered the U.S. via NYC (home to majority of my family). This was April 3, 2014, 6 ½ months after departure. Then (not as usual) I flew to San Francisco to go to the wedding of a now grown man whom I watched grow up as a little boy. Visited many friends. Many reunions at the wedding.

Yup, a wedding!  So many beautiful women.



Visiting friends in Berkeley, I discovered the world continues to be full of surprises: Berkeley can be pastoral:





  • Flew home to Spokane April 25, eight months after I’d left. I was greeted by glorious springtime:2014-04-29_16-59-00_313 2014-04-29_18-35-54_882 2014-04-29_18-44-03_717

I re-fell in love with my adopted city of Spokane.  One would think that this, combined with the severe case of “travel fatigue” I’d developed in Burma, would make me want to settle down. NOPE. Against all odds,  I am still Nomading.  

More about my Travel Fatigue and and how I soothed it while still continuing my nomadic existence in my next installment.  

Stay tuned.

Meri Murphy aka Retired Nomad



2 thoughts on “Departure from Asia

  1. Good to hear from you! I was wondering where you were and how travels were going since March. As mostly an armchair traveller (at least out of the US) it is exciting to read of your travels. Looking forward to lots more travel news.

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