I am retiring 1st of August, 2010 after 39 years of working. I will follow my dream of seeing the world. You are welcome to see it with me.


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  1. So glad I stumbled on your blog site. Hope you are having the time of your life, more than anticipated even!! Mark is taking students again, guess you don’t care!?!
    Enjoy your travels, Sharon/MEDEX Northwest

  2. Read you daughter’s story of your adventurous retirement in today’s NYTimes….keep on traveling safely and with an open mind and heart….I’m following in your footsteps.

  3. read your daughter’s article in the nytimes yesterday- may 15, 2013 – sounds delightful – am also retired and want to travel out of the country,and you mentioned travel insurance – which one do you use?
    thanks for your help,
    mary leipziger

    • Travel Insurance:
      Fortunately I’ve never needed to cash in, so can’t vouch for reliability. However, there are so many reviews on line one can usually get a sense if a company is legit.

      This is all my own experience. I’m hardly an expert. However, the one time I started an indefinite trip with an official tour, I got the very best deal. When I went to South America, a few days into my trip I was signed on with a friend for an official guided tour of the Galapagos, departing from Quito. I bought the insurance recommended by Intrepid Travel for the price that goes with the tour. I was able to put down my travel dates, which I put as 364 days (usually the max you’re allowed) and it didn’t cost me any extra, yet I was covered for all 364 days! I even called the insurance company to check that it was OK to do this.

      For my first mega-journey (Africa & Mid-East) I went to insuremytrip.com. You can compare 27 different travel insurance companies, and multiple policy types. If you can pull up the patience, it’s educational.

      From what I’m gleaning from other travelers, the travel insurance recommended by Lonely Planet is the best deal: WorldNomads.com. I think they’ll even insure you for more than a year, almost unique among travel insurance. However, once you’re over 65 they won’t do that.

      Hope this helps. It sure helps me to have to put it all into words.

  4. Inspirational…used to lead rich American MD tours in the 80’s before settling down to raise a family, but always remained a budget world traveler when alone. Am now preparing to retire myself to dedicate more time to traveling. Own a hostel in Cozumel, Mexico (my separated wife runs that one) and a Hotelito in Bacalar, Mexico. My wife will probably charge, but you get a free stay in Bacalar if you wish. Even an offer to inn sit while I travel if that strikes your fancy.

    • Thanks for the Bacalar offer. May well take you up on it. Having ex’s is now part of the landscape. When a Westerner asks if I’m married, I like to quip “yes, several times.” However, in Africa and in Middle East I’d be wearing my faux wedding ring and answer “yes, and I’m meeting him in a week.”

  5. Hi Meri, I was reading your NYT article on the porch and loved it. How inspiring to read how you are seeing the world when you have more time, without breaking the bank. After I clipped out the article so I could follow your blog, suddenly my brain recognized your name. Yes, we bought your bike a few years ago on our way to Canada.
    So just wanted to say hi, love what you are doing and keep doing it!!

    • How wonderful to hear from you. It’s a tickle when paths cross again this way. We only met briefly, but I remember thinking of what a wonderful family you have. Kids must be a lot bigger now. How was the trip?

  6. The trip was wonderful and we kept the bike there with friends. My wife will be riding it again this summer after visiting Vancouver Island. Kids have grown a lot and are ready for their next size bike from the Spokane Craigslist 🙂

  7. Hey Meri – just come across your website. Do remember my daughter and I gave you a lift to the Volcanoes Park in Rwanda? We certainly remember you! Best wishes – Chris and Carla.

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